We all have that friend or work colleague who has super stylish taste. They have their finger on the pulse of the coolest designers and hard-to-find brands. Well we have some good news for stressed out Christmas shoppers, Bonsai is just like that super stylish friend and you’ll find the Home showroom full of unusual gifts that are guaranteed to fill them with joy this Christmas.

Here are some great gift guidance for those oh-so-tricky friends:

  • Introduce them to interesting materials into the home, like felt, petrified wood and yak fur;
  • Handmade ethnic goods and picture frames made from reclaimed materials are all unique and perfect for the ethically conscious friend;
  • Ceramics made by Guernsey craftsmen – it feels good to support local talent.


Bonsai’s top gift picks for friends this Christmas:

Eclectic style

Haitian yak throws bring fabulous colours into the home. They are ultra soft and support small businesses in Haiti.

Distressed wood photo frames are available in 13 sizes. They are handmade in South Africa from wood reclaimed from old buildings and each one is unique in colour and texture.
From £21.00

Bonsai has a great range of ethnic accessories like this Miao tribal necklace. Made by hand in metal it makes an unusual and striking artefact to display in the home.

Haitian wooden bowls come in all shapes and sizes - perfect for food or as a display piece. Each one is unique as they are hand carved by craftsman in Haiti.
From £24.00

Eclectic gifts from Bonsai in Guernsey

Animal Magic

ibride's amazing and character-filled "Galerie de Portraits" range of waterproof and heat resistant trays have a quirky, vintage style. Serve tea or coffee on them or the trays look great on the wall as a piece of art!
From £47.82 

Bonsai’s famous and ever-popular British bulldog statue comes in plain grey or the rather more colourful option.
£70 - £90.00

This fish statue is made from the very special material - petrified wood. The wood is transformed into a fossil after being preserved underground for thousands of years. These objects are handmade so each fish is unique.

Animal gifts from Bonsai in Guernsey

Contemporary living

Designer Sebastian Herkner created the Felt Two clock. His different approach to function, material and shape creates an iconic clock that can stand on its own.

Stolen Form has taken the classic British chimney pot and created this stylish vase that is a contemporary way to display your plants or flowers.

Local Guernsey potter Niall McCarthy has brought the bean jar into the 21st century with his sleek white earthenware mixed with contemporary glazing techniques.

Gifts from Bonsai in Guernsey

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