If you are not sure how an interior designer can help give your home a stylish new look here are 11 reasons from Bonsai’s Interior Design team that will have you convinced.




1. An interior designer will achieve the most within your budget and time frames 

Interior designers are here to achieve as much as they can for you within the budget you initially discuss with them.

Conversely, when choosing materials and furniture by yourself you can often get carried away and make expensive mistakes. Plus doing the research from Guernsey and taking the time to choose can be very time consuming and can lead to the project dragging on.


2. You’ll get fresh new ideas and a different design perspective

A fresh eye is sometimes all you need. When you are so close to the project and using the space every day it can be hard to see the obvious.

Interior designers really get to know you and how you use the space to make sure it is laid out and used in the most practical and aesthetic way for you.


3. We will introduce designers and brands that you probably won’t have heard of before 

There is so much amazing design out there and Bonsai has great connections across Europe and beyond. We have spent a lot of time finding the most interesting and best suppliers from all over the world. We’ve done all the hard work for you!


4. You can tap into lots of specialist knowledge and resources

Bonsai has a wealth of experience and through the years we have solved many interior design challenges. We now have a solution for almost anything which saves our clients time, money and more than a few headaches!




5. Bonsai only uses trusted contractors so you can be sure of high quality workmanship

Nobody likes a cowboy, and there are plenty of them around. Luckily for Bonsai’s customers we have our own team of joiners and carpenters whom we have carefully selected. Our work is of the highest quality and we also have a great list of third-party contractors who share Bonsai’s high standards.


6. You will get exclusive discounts and never pay more than RRP

As an interior design company and retail outlet we are in a position to pass on favourable discounts to our customers. You will never pay more than the recommended retail price when using our interior design service.


7. Katie will take all the stress out of choosing furniture, lighting and accessories 

There is so much to think about when putting a space together and it’s the way that all the elements and finishing details work in harmony that gives a cohesive look and feel. We are here to help your home feel, well, like home.

As an experienced interior designers Bonsai are here to help you choose everything from colour schemes to lighting and even the perfect cushions.


8. You'll avoid costly mistakes and even increase the value of your home

Choosing the wrong product or finish is a mistake you’ll have to live with…. or lead to a costly replacement.

Through Bonsai’s interior design service make sure that everything chosen suits your lifestyle and will last you a lifetime. Making sure you have these long-lasting products in your home will increase the value and really appeal to any prospective buyers if you decide to move on to a new home.




9. We will make the most of your existing furniture, giving it a new lease of life or showing off heirlooms or family favourites in a new way

Using an interior designer doesn’t mean you need to completely start again (although we can if you want!).

If you have a beloved chair or a cabinet from your grandma you want to keep, we can incorporate it into a room, or even make it the starting point for a new design. We also suggest ways to give an old favourite piece a new lease of life.


10. Interior design isn’t just for the home 

Our interior design skills can be applied to making your office, retail space or restaurant a great place to do business. Stylish interiors will reflect your corporate values. Let your office do the talking and you’ll love the way your clients and customers respond.


11. You’ll have a room or a home that works for you and your lifestyle, for years to come 

With the continuous stresses of life it really is important that your home is your sanctuary. Somewhere to escape and relax. Whether you love to entertain, have a large family or are a single person with a craving for the quiet life, we will make your space work for you.

Investing time and money in your home can make a huge difference for years to come.